Gluing in the Lungs

Part 1
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by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

A fascinating lesson that explores breathing and the chest from the inside out by directing attention and movement into the various lobes of the lungs.

MP3 Download, 1 Feldenkrais Lesson.

I find this lesson fascinating. It explores breathing and the chest from the inside out.

While lying on the back, we begin by expanding the upper lobe of the right lung into the chest wall from the inside. With each step of the lesson, we move to another lobe of the right lung. As we do we expand each one forward, back and to the side into the ribs. Eventually, the entire right lung is expanded. We take a completely different approach to the left lung. The result is a complete sense of breath. So that the passage of air is clear, and all five lobes are present in breathing.

This lesson is based on one that Dr. Feldenkrais taught at his studio on Alexander Yanni Street. In the transcript of this lesson he talks about how he has been developing this series of lessons called “Gluing the Lungs.” His excitement about the lesson is palpable.

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  1. Virginia Craft (verified owner)

    Before doing this lesson, lying down and observing my body, I felt constriction in my ribcage when I would breathe deeply. After this lesson, I noticed a considerable difference, noting an openness, softness, and expansion in my ribcage and side body. Wow! My breathing feels deeper, more effortless, and I love feeling more aware of oxygen entering the different lobes of my lungs. Not to mention, Al’s guidance provides the perfect amount of words and information. I highly recommend this, and it’s an excellent precursor to meditation, which is how I’ve been using it!

  2. Heidi Klaming (verified owner)

    My awareness of the space inside my ribs increased as did a fuller awareness of my lung capacity to breathe more freely, deeply and easily

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